Blown away with the effects!

 I had the pleasure of experiencing an RLD treatment with Harriet and I was blown away with the effects of the treatment.  I experienced a real sense of relaxation and 'letting go' during the treatment and then afterwards was left with a feeling of calm and clarity. I have had lots of energy in the days since and feel lighter and less burdened.  Thank you Harriet for wonderful experience.  

Reduced the swelling and discomfort

I broke my leg a year ago and have had considerable swelling in the ankle since. It swells greatly during the day which causes it to ache.  I had a foot treatment from Harriet which limited the discomfort and reduced the swelling by half.  After a week the ankle ached less and the swelling still hasn't returned, i'm thoroughly pleased with the results. 

A delightful, gentle and knowledgeable practitioner.

Harriet is a delightful, gentle and knowledgeable practitioner. Within minutes of settling into her recliner couch and being swaddled in pillows I felt the relaxation process begin.  I was so deeply relaxed during the treatment that I actually drifted off to sleep – something I can never do during the day! A feeling of deep well-being enveloped me.  

I can't recommend Harriet highly enough.

I can't recommend Harriet highly enough, since having reflexology my premenstrual symptoms have eased so much, and I really notice the difference if I don't go!

The best nights sleep!

After having reflexology I feel so relaxed and always have the best nights sleep! 



Incredible, I would thoroughly recommend and feel very lucky to have such a knowledgeable and lovely therapist located so conveniently for me, in a lovely calm setting.
I have just begun my Reflexology treatment with Harriet @ Aeon Reflexology and could not be more pleased and excited to progress with my next session. I have never had a foot treatment before but having tried many different therapies to improve my symptoms of both, IBS, Endometriosis and stress-related tensions, I was willing to give anything a go, albeit nervously. 
I could not have been more put at ease by Harriet, not only by her calm and kind welcoming nature and environment but also by her extensive knowledge, understanding of my ailments and the time she took to run through a full consultation so that she could apply the most appropriate treatment for me personally.
During the treatment I was so comfortable and relaxed that I actually slept through a lot of it, coming round to different sensations at various points (both of which I am assured by Harriet is quite usual). At the end, I felt utterly relaxed, calm and rested. I also was very intrigued to hear the additional insight that Harriet had felt from my feet, as she confirmed issues that I had forgot to mention in the consultation. 
I can tell, already, that I will benefit a lot from these Reflexology sessions and the more specific RLD and hormonal focus of Harriet's techniques. I have immediately booked my next session and will be keeping these up regularly, as already two days on from my session I am feeling “bright-eyed and bushy-tailed” for the first time in a very long while.
My next session is to be much more focused on some of my specific issues to work on and I am looking forward to seeing these results too. Thank you so much, Harriet, for your time, expertise and patience with my nerves.

Sleeping better

I am several sessions into my reflexology with Harriet at Aeon Reflexology. I went in with various issues mostly related to a busy lifestyle and stress and after only a couple of sessions I have been sleeping better, feel more relaxed and it has helped my resolution to give up sugar. I would highly recommend.

Feeling more cleansed & less toxic

Harriet's knowledge and expertise in reflexology is excellent. This was  my first reflexology treatment and I came away feeling incredibly  relaxed. Overall benefits were great, better digestion, less  constipation. Certainly feeling more cleansed and less toxic. Great  experience and Harriet was lovely

Back in control of my PMS

I love having reflexology with Harriet. Not only is it a relaxing hour  or so for me away from my busy day, but Harriet's knowledge of woman's  health issues is second to none. Thanks to reflexology sessions with  her, I'm back in control of my PMS and no longer dread that time of the  month - something conventional medical approaches just weren't able to  do. Reflexology is now an essential part of my life and whenever I speak  to any of my friends about any health issues they might be having, this  is the first thing I recommend they look at doing.

A very relaxing experience

Harriet is calm, relaxed and not only you will enjoy her excellent  expertise in reflexology but you will also love her company. A very  relaxing experience I highly recommend.


5 Stars!

I started coming to Harriet  for reflexology mainly to help with the symptoms of my Crohn’s disease.  I also can find it difficult to fully relax at times. I have never had  reflexology before and I can honestly say it has been a fantastic  experience. Harriet has a kind, open approach to her clients that puts  you at ease right away. She takes the time to find out about your past  health issues in a detailed manner and at the start of each treatment  she is always careful to ask how you have been, tracking your progress  as she goes. She is patient and professional when answering all my  questions and extremely knowledgeable about which areas of the foot  relate to which parts of the body. She would frequently spend time after  our sessions researching any specific questions or worries I had, so  that she would have answers for my next visit. She believes in looking  at a person's whole lifestyle and has made recommendations for other  things I could incorporate into my life in order to boost the effects of  my treatment. The sessions have helped me enormously and after a recent  visit to my consultant, my crohns is in remission! I feel Harriet and  her reflexology techniques have hugely helped with this.

Felt the benefits & sleeping better!

Had the most amazing reflexology with Aeon. I must admit I was a bit sceptical at first but  after one session I have really felt the benefits and sleeping better.  Thank you Harriet I will definitly be back!

Helped with the drainage of fluid under my arm

After being diagnosed with primary breast cancer, although I coped well with all my treatments, chemotherapy, surgeries & radiotherapy, a couple of months after my treatment finished I started to feel very stressed & agitated which I  have since heard is fairly common after going through this ordeal. I  heard about reflexology treatments at the Wessex Cancer Trust & I  started being treated by Harriet who put me ease immediately. I have had  quite a few treatments now & it has helped my feeling of well being  enormously, helping me to relax deeply, which is something I find  difficult & also after some treatments I feel very energised.  Reflexology has also helped with the drainage of fluid from my underarm  area, although I am fortunate to not suffer from lymphoedema & has  also helped with some minor digestive problems. I look forward  enormously to my treatments & hope to continue for as long as I can!